Even the Beaver Has a Home:
Virtual Engagement Series on the Right to Housing

Even the Beaver Has a Home… is a series of online sessions for Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit  & Gender Diverse People to come together to claim their human right to housing.

Even with decades of political commitments, strategies, and action plans, the homelessness crisis has gotten worse. And it continues to worsen for women and gender-diverse people in ways that are distinct and disproportionate. These realities are even more acute for Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit, and gender-diverse peoples, who continue to go missing and lose their lives because they are denied their human right to housing.

However, something historic is on the horizon. In the coming months, there will be a human rights review focused on the Government of Canada’s failure to prevent and end homelessness for women and gender-diverse peoples. This review is the first gender-focused review of its kind in Canadian history, providing new mechanisms to hold the Government of Canada accountable for the housing crisis.

Even the Beaver Has a Home…  is a series of 4 engagement sessions which aim to gather first-person perspectives of violations of the right to housing experienced by Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit and Gender Diverse people from across Canada with lived/living experiences of housing precarity.

While sharing in these sessions is optional, the insights that are shared at these gatherings will be a critical addition to the upcoming human rights review.

Want to Get Involved?

We recently hosted an info session at the Secure Indigenous Land Tenure Association conference to talk more about Even the Beaver and the human right to housing as it pertains to Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit, and gender-diverse peoples.

Check it out to learn more, and contact us below so we can connect with you or your organization about getting involved!

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