Our Commitments

We value the time and lived expertise of all women and commit to providing a clear and audible voice for women experiencing barriers in homelessness service delivery and programming.  We recognize and honour all women’s human right to access safe and affordable housing.

We commit to providing all appropriate supports to ensure first voice, lived expertise inclusion of women in accessing housing and homelessness service delivery, program development and creation of policy, including a promise to work towards equitable representation for all women of lived experience regarding their subject matter expertise, including financial compensation for lived expertise work.

We also commit to challenging the stigmas associated with women having lived expertise in subject matters pertaining to homelessness and housing in Canada and believe that first voice inclusion, is at the heart of our work to move forward in finding solutions to end homelessness in Canada, and help promote Housing as a basic Human Right within the National Housing Strategy put forward by the Federal Government of Canada.

-Canadian Lived Experience Advisory Council (CLEAC)